We source all seeds from the farm or as close to the farm as possible to maintain freshness and purity.

Hemp Seeds
sourced directly from the farm in Canada and hulled into their heart form (the inside of the hemp seed) right before it’s shipped to us.

Chia Seeds
sourced directly from the farm in Bolivia.

Pumpkin Seeds
from Tierra Farms in upstate New York. 

Flax Seeds
from the farm in North Dakota. After the seeds are harvested they are cold milled using a patented process that preserves the oils and nutrients including the fiber in the seeds. We do chemistry testing in the form of fatty acid profiles to make sure the seed has the same nutrient density we expect.

are Organic and sourced from the best suppliers

Gluten Free
testing done randomly throughout the year to make sure all ingredients are still less than 4ppm. All tests have confirmed this and are available.