Amino Acids

The Complimentary Amino Acids in Hemp Seeds

(these combine with the amino acids is chia seeds to make a perfect protein)


It is classed as an essential amino acid and cannot be synthesized by the body itself. This means that a sufficient supply of methionine in the diet or as a dietary supplement is of particular importance.

  • has a fat-dissolving effect and reduces the depositing of fat in the liver
  • is an important cartilage-forming substance
  • has been shown to help protect from the damage arthritis can cause
  • strengthens the nails and works to combat hair loss


It is sometimes counted as a semi-essential amino acid due to its role as a catalyst in many important metabolic cycles. L-cysteine supports the synthesis of the highly antioxidative Glutathione boosts the immune system and inhibits inflammation.

  • is able to fulfill several important functions in the human body due to its specific structure including sulfur and contributes significantly to the general well-being
  • illnesses of the intestines usually increase the needs for L-cysteine, because many nutrients simply cannot be absorbed and get lost as a result of the digestive system being compromised


It is classed as a semi-essential amino acid. Arginine is involved in many metabolic processes and important in the treatment of heart diseases and high blood pressure.

  • improves circulation
  • strengthens the immune system
  • has a positive influence on male libido
  • research suggests that the amino acid accelerates the rate of the healing of wounds
  • research suggests that it improves the burning of excess fat and can be used in weight-reducing diets
  • its role in decreasing cholesterol levels can be ascribed to its function as biological precursor of nitric oxide (NO)


At 60%, it represents the largest amount of free amino acids in the body. The demand for glutamine increases with physical and mental stress. Production of this important amino acid, which takes place in the body, often slows down with age and does not generate sufficient amounts. External supplementation is recommended in such cases. Environmental factors such as stress or extreme physical strain will also lead to an increased demand in Cysteine. It therefore plays an important part in detoxification and the resulting protection of several tissues and organs.

Sufficient supply of glutamine is important for firm and supple skin. If not enough glutamine is available, the body takes the necessary protein from muscle mass and converts it to glutamine and energy. This leads to muscle proteins being lost, muscle strands becoming thinner and the skin becoming generally saggy. This is why glutamine has been referred to as an “internal fountain of youth” by scientists.

  • promotes the production of skin cells and slows aging
  • strengthens the immune system
  • essential for hair growth
  • combats fat storage