Vegan appetizer recipe

Vegan appetizer recipe

Try these as the perfect and elegant start any celebration, these amazingly delicious and healthy sweet potato rounds. This is one of four recipes we’re sharing to give you a full plant-based dinner for you and your guests. AND we’ve suggested the best Power of 3 Nutrition flavor to try with each. Why not stabilize your blood sugar levels AND add omega3s, fiber, and protein to your meal. Enjoy.

Vegan Appetizer: Sweet Potato and Miso 


  • Freshly minced ginger – 1/2 tsp 
  • Scallions, diced – 4 
  • Sweet Potatoes – scrubbed – 3 large and long 
  • Lemon juice – 1 tsp 
  • Tahini – 2 tbls 
  • Vegan Mayonnaise – 1/2 cup 
  • White Miso, Gluten Free – 2 tbls 
  • Jalapeno, sliced thinly – 1 
  • Power of 3 Original or Sea Salt – 2 tbls


Heat oven to 375 degrees. Scrub the Sweet Potatoes and cut off any areas that need to be trimmed. Long 2 inch diameter Sweet Potatoes work best for this recipe. In 1 inch slice sizes, slice your Sweet Potato and place on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Place in oven and oven roast until tender – about 20 to 25 minutes. When tender, take out of oven and set aside. You will want to have at least 30 slices of the Sweet Potatoes.
For the Miso Sauce, place the lemon juice, tahini, white miso and vegan mayonnaise into a bowl and mix. Set aside. After the Sweet Potatoes have cooled, spread a layer of the Miso Sauce in the middle of the Sweet Potato and spread out until you have about 1/8 inch from the end not covered. For the Jalapeno, you will want to slice minutely thin slices of it so that you can decorate the middle of the Miso Sweet Potato Bite. You will also want to dice your scallions and only keep the green part for decoration. Once the Miso Sweet Potato Bites are spread with the sauce then sprinkle with Power of 3 Original or Sea Salt and then decorate prettily with the sliced jalapenos and diced scallions.