Top 5 ways to activate a natural healing intelligence

Top 5 ways to activate a natural healing intelligence

Earth Day is on the horizon (April 22) and we’re taking slow shifts into a new season!

One filled with light, warmth and abundance. What an amazing time of year to unearth the tools for self-discovery, healing and restoring.

At Power of 3 Nutrition, our belief is in a holistic approach to health. Founder, Anne-Elise Stern is a certified health coach with a training in comprehensive Ayurvedic studies, yet today’s blog is not going to suggest or recommend what you should and should not be eating. Rather, it’s going to explore how to activate our body’s natural healing intelligence.

First thing to consider is that it’s all about energy:

Everything is energy; the water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe and ultimately us, as humans - we are all interconnected through energy. Considering this when cultivating a healthy body and mind is a great first step. Ask yourself: what is the energy we receive from food and what is the energy going into food production. When consumed and produced in a healthy way, food becomes a much more powerful symbiotic energy source to fuel our lives. 

Top 5 ways to activate a natural healing intelligence:

Meditate: We suggest taking 3-5 minutes at the beginning of your day to slow down and focus on your breathing. Study the slow inhalations and exhalations of your breath and its undulating quality. Notice the rhythmic pattern of 'in' and 'out'. If your mind wanders, bring your attention back to your breath. 

Laugh: Nothing breaks tension faster or more effectively than a good ol’ fashioned belly laugh. Check out a local comedy show or head over to YouTube to watch one of the late-night show's opening monologues.

Share a Meal: invite a neighbor, friend, co-worker or school-chum over to break-bread. The social interaction creates a sense of connection and eating with others creates a sense of celebration.   

ADDED BONUS: while making a meal, take a moment to think about where the food has come from and the energy that goes into its creation.  Set the intention of recognizing the healing qualities of food, knowing it will become a part of you to help your body’s natural healing properties activate. 

Exercise: With online fitness and yoga (including free videos on YouTube), your next class is simply one-click away OR if you’re up for a quick fix - try a short, high-intensity exercise like plank, push-ups or chin-ups.

Learn: Trying something new! Shifting things around can create a sense of curiosity and inquiry into your day.  Try Sudoku or the Crossword, listen to a new and different PodCast, check out the latest documentary on NetFlix or watch that award-winning Foreign Film versus the latest BlockBuster. 

By slowing down and feeding your body and mind in different ways, you create a healthier eco-system for the energy of your food to be received.  You’d be surprised at how much more you accomplish, and how much more enjoyment you get from each precious moment of your day.  

Try it out, what have you got to lose?