The why of what we do!

The why of what we do!

We’ve been exploring ideas around how our emotional and mental state impacts the body's absorption of nutrients AND energy levels. 

How we feel when eating, where food is produce, choices made on what we eat... all connect together. It's synergistic and wholistic. The better decisions we make, the better we feel. 

In many ways, it speaks to why we founded Power of 3 Nutrition. We wanted to create a nutrition company that explored the mechanics of digestion AND provide clean, intelligent fuel for our bodies. And yes, it's no surprise that our founder is also a commercial pilot. :)


We believe firmly in aligning our entire operation with positivity. Why? When we create a positive product, that positivity finds its way to you. It goes back to our belief that everything is connected - synergistic and wholistic. 

We started by blending four-powerful seeds together; chia, hemp, pumpkin and flax. And as we've grown, our intention has stayed the same:

  • make sure there is always a clean whole food available that supports super health.
  • make sure that this food is completely whole from the earth.

What we've created in Power of 3 is a whole food source - 100% non-GMO with nothing processed, nothing artificial - leveraging the incredible power and nutritional value of seeds. We offer five unique blends that through our sourcing and blending; add fiber, protein and omega3s to any meal or snack. It's all connected - synergistic and wholistic and we offer it all to you, our truly valued community.

Share with us any tips or techniques you have for living a wholistic lifestyle and check out our latest seasonal recipe here.