The perfect back-to-school breakfast

The perfect back-to-school breakfast

With the twilight of summer on the horizon, it's hard not to think about the back-to-schoool season and starting anew. This season, (as always!), we're doubling down on keeping healthy AND we're committed to making it easy.

We've created what we feel is the perfect back-to-school breakfast. We call it the "Red Sky Smoothie" in part as an homage to the warm summer sky and the majestic colors of fall and also because of its rich, red and purple-ish hue.  It tastes and looks delicious!

Why is it the perfect breakfast for both adults and kids? Because it's packed with protein to sustain blood sugar levels; fiber that contributes to healthy circulation and omega 3’s, or 'brain-food' that provides clarity and focus. AND there is no added sugar and the nutrients in the Bok Choy add to the already high amounts of fiber, protein and vitamins (iron, A/C/E/B6/K). 


Red Sky Smoothie (if possible, use all organic)

 Enjoy and let us know what you think.