Calm your mindset to increase your energy

Calm your mindset to increase your energy

CALM your mindset to increase your ENERGY.

***We’ve all heard that old adage ‘you are what you eat’. What about how you’re feeling when you eat?***

What’s your emotional state during meals?

Do you eat zoned out in front of the television? Or quickly consume that take-out lunch on the way back to the office? What about that late-night snack you ate because you were too anxious to sleep?   

How you feel and your state of mind when eating plays a significant role in your diet. We call this the “quantum energy” of food and it explores how your mental and emotional state impacts digestion and the ability to process food.

For example, disturbing emotions such as anger and fear speak directly to your digestive system – they inhibit the full expression of what food can offer and impact the absorption of important nutrients.

Whereas a sense of gratitude, love and compassion lead to a sense of peace which gives our bodies the ability to assimilate the nutrients from food. We relax and are ready to receive all that food has to offer.  

If we’re better fueled, we have more energy. It’s really that simple.

Perhaps the founders of traditions that elicited gratitude before eating knew this before science put a reason to it.

What’s next? 

The goal is to be 100% aware of the choices we make around how we eat and to evaluate our mental and emotional state before meals. We want to always be optimally preparing our bodies for our meals so that they are ready to receive.  


  • Take the time to slow even a little before eating – be aware of every bite.
  • Eat with a sense of gratitude and joy.
  • Pick an environment to eat your meal that makes you happy.
  • Smile right before you eat.
  • Think about where the food has come from and be grateful.
  • Try and take one meal a week with friends or family.    

More and more science is showing that our mental and emotional ‘diet’ determines much of our health, well-being and subsequent energy levels.  To a far greater extent than most people realize.