How to have a healthy gut.

How to have a healthy gut.

How to have a healthy gut.

In a hectic and stressful world, it often takes too much time and energy to think about eating a healthy diet.  But you know what? Now it’s more important than ever to get clear about how we fuel ourselves, how we keep energized and how we make decisions around our food.

One of the key questions we have to ask is: is the food we’re eating being correctly absorbed into our systems.  

Digestion is truly the ‘seat of our health’.  
Healthy absorption occurs when we have a healthy digestive system. Why?  Because we can buy all the organic, pure, clean, raw, macro, micro, whole food we want, but if it’s not being properly absorbed into our system; we’re missing some, if not all of the benefits from our food.
How do we achieve healthy digestion or a ‘healthy gut’.
One tool is eating an anti-inflammatory diet. This approach can be two-fold: eating foods that don’t cause inflammation as well as eating foods that decrease inflammation.
This is a diet full of foods that the body can easily assimilate.  Watch for aches and pains in your joints and muscles – your body might be telling you to stay away from certain foods.

Other ways to keep inflammation down:

  • Clean Eating: non-processed, in-season, fresh and organic foods.
  • Read the Label: If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it.
  • Foods high in Omega3s, EFA’s and dark green leafy veggies.
  • Detoxing (safely) and taking a break from your normal eating habits – a great way for your gut to heal.
  • Check the company making the product – if it’s big company, triple-check ingredients.
  • Try the 100 mile diet – if strawberries come from Australia in January – think about a different fruit selection.

Support this work with a few habits away from the kitchen:

  • Take time to rest.
  • Try a tech sundown – no computer screens after 10pm.
  • Take time to de-stress; meditation, deep breathing, yoga, hikes, walking the dog (without your phone!), etc.
  • Enjoy time with family & friends