Cold-pressing for heat sensitive fats

Cold-pressing for heat sensitive fats

Here’s what happens when you ask the founder of Power of 3, Anne-Elise Stern a question on Facebook about cold-pressing for heat sensitive fats: 

I went to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I am a Holistic Health Coach so I put serious thought into all those things when I developed this blend for myself! I try very hard to source all my ingredients fresh from the farm Non-GMO and Organicbecause I believe it is so important. When you are feeding this life giving energy to your body it should be as close to the way Mother Earth made it as possible.

That being said temperature controls are put in place to protect the delicate and potent oils in these blends. The flax seeds are cold milled with a patented process that preserves the seeds. I have tested them on fatty acid panels and the Omega 3 EFAsare preserved for over 1 year because of the cold milling process. This is the best way to get milled flax in my opinion as milling them in a coffee grinder in the morning does more harm to the oils than this process does for sure. I am so happy the process is possible otherwise I would not have flax in the blend (it’s such an amazing seed that would have been missed).

In terms of the pumpkin seeds which are the hulled ones. We store them at 50 degrees F or below and only lightly crack them for a few seconds with a sharp stainless blade right before blending them with the other ingredients.

The hemp is hulled in Canada and shipped to us right away and stored in the same 50 degree or below humidity controlled area.

Chia seeds as I am sure you know don’t need to be ground and their hull protects them for years. However I get them fresh from the source as well and they are organic even though that is not as necessary for chia. However, it is important to me because there is more care taken with the harvesting and delivery of certified organic productfrom my experience.

One more temperature control in place is when they are finished blending they are sealed and placed in the temperature humidity control room until shipped. We ship small batches in hopes they don’t remain on shelves for long and then ideally the customer puts them in the refrigerator when they get them home. They will withstand normal temperatures for a while though, they stay more potent and fresh when cool.

Your question about the goji is correct – many are from China, ours are sourced from the Himalayas which is the ideal climate for them and they are organic certified, NON-GMO verified as well.

I hope I have answered your questions and I am so happy you contacted us.

I hope you love the seeds as much as we do!