Anti-inflammatory 101

Anti-inflammatory 101

Anti-inflammatory 101

We believe strongly in the power of what you eat and how you keep yourself fueled. Years ago, our founder who is a commercial pilot developed this amazing seed blend, Power of 3 PowerBlends, to keep her blood-sugar levels balanced and to ‘fuel’ herself as she flew around the world.

Cut to the year 2017 and our food system is in crisis. The rise of auto-immune disease, the increase in obesity and the modification of our food has left us wondering; ‘what the heck are we suppose to eat’?

One solution is to keep inflammation causing foods out of your diet AND to add or keep anti-inflammatory foods in your diet. This keeps your digestion, which is truly the seat of your health, balanced and in-check.

One secret weapon is adding the Power of 3 PowerBlends to your diet. It was developed to have a high omega3, protein and fiber content through the combination and careful blending of four different seeds — chia, pumpkin, hemp and flax.

When PowerBlends are added to other anti-inflammatory foods like a hearty and healthy kale salad, you can feel the results.

With Power of 3 Turmeric PowerBlend, it’s taking anti-inflammation one-step further by combining the naturally anti-inflammatory turmeric with black pepper (another anti-inflammatory food).  Try it for yourself and see if you feel a difference. Simply add to an already savory dish – we love adding it to hummus!

Here’s are a few other ideas to try:

Find a source of raw keifer and add Power of 3’s Coconut and Goji PowerBlend for a powerful breakfast or snack. If you’re vegan, try baked oatmeal with Coconut Goji PowerBlend or Maple Cinnamon PowerBlend and chopped walnuts on top.