5 healthy recipes for our 5 awesome flavors

5 healthy recipes for our 5 awesome flavors

5 healthy recipes for our 5 awesome flavors

We found five delicious recipes – one for each of our Power Blend flavors. Try each recipe on its own or host a spring brunch, and serve them all together. Your guests will leave happy and healthy.

Remember that in each spoonful of Power Blend, you’ll find: 2,800mg of OMEGA 3s for clarity, focus, and brain-boosting benefits, 9g of PROTEIN to help sustain energy and blood sugar balance and 7g of FIBER that contributes to a healthy heart and circulatory system.  And did we mention that they are delicious? 

Add Turmeric Power Blend.This very simple hummus recipe is a great starter to any brunch or dinner.  It’s particularly creamy, quick to make and a crowd pleaser. Serve with cut-up vegetables or put a dollop on your anti-inflammatory flatbreadsEasy Hummus Recipe


Add Sea Salt and Garlic Power Blend.We love this Avocado Salad roll from Dr. Axe. It’s fresh, colorful and can be made ahead of time. Adding Power Blend’s Original Flavor gives this dish additional crunch and health! Serve as a main dish or cut up into pinwheels for an appetizer: Avocado Salad Wrap


Add Original Power Blend.Adding a quick salad to any gathering makes the meal complete. The tart flavor of the citrus combined with the crunch of the lettuce make it refreshing and cleansing: Fresh Raw Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette


Add Coconut Goji Power Blend.Serve up health in a glass with this ultimate smoothie. The avocado makes it a little heavy so if it’s part of a meal, make the portions very small: Ultimate Green Smoothie


Add Maple and Cinnamon Power Blend.Top off any meal with this fruit and yogurt parfait. This can be made ahead of time. Add fresh mint to give it a zing: Sweet and Yummy Yogurt Parfait