Add a spoonful of OMEGA 3 SEED POWER to every meal with PowerBlend.

PowerBlend - A natural, gluten -free, raw, whole-food energy source.Facebook Logo

A delicious OMEGA 3 SEED BLEND of Pumpkin Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Milled Flax Seeds And Spices - All Organic Ingredients.

Nature packs a punch in PowerBlend!

1. OMEGA 3s - 2800mg of clarity, focus and brain-boosting benefits.

2. PROTEIN - 9g promotes sustained energy and blood sugar balance.

3. FIBER - 7g contributes to a healthy heart and circulatory system.

Boost every meal with a perfect blend of seeds. Sprinkle PowerBlend on everyday foods to get vital energy and focus into your day. Nothing's processed, nothing's artificial, and our blend contains 3x more fiber and protein than flaxseed alone.

Sprinkle in salads, swirl in yogurt, or pepper over pasta. Learn more about the health benefits..

Made with pure intentions,positively charged ingredients and SEED POWER.

PowerBlend is available in five delicious flavors - Original, Cinnamon Maple, Coconut Goji, Sea Salt & Garlic, India Spice

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